Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Teaser from Meg

Things have been soooo quiet here.  After we do something with Lentils tonight we will be done.  Maybe a few french knots, too.  Our package will go out tomorrow.  We spent a grand total of 4 dollars.  For the rest we used supplies we had here or we donated some of our craft supplies as the swap gift.  We had a few extra books we would have sent, our partners read a lot like we do though so we went a different direction.  We think it turned out well.  Before we go to the post off ice we will run up to the local hotel to grab a postcard.  I hope everyone else's swaps are going well.  Please tell us about how it went making a package.  And if you have already swapped please post pictures.  I am planning on posting pics of what we are sending tomorrow or the next day on my personal blog.  So no peeking Christy, Paige or Ella!

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blissbelly said...

Ours is sent and I'd love to add a peek picture to this blog, but I don't know how to do it.

We had fun!