Saturday, March 8, 2008

Partner Preferences

It is great to see everyone introduce themselves. I am noticing a lot of people are putting their preferences for swap items out there too. When we make pairs we are going to include a questionairre that you will answer and send to your partner. Also we sort of want to remind everyone to look at their packages through the eyes of a child. What makes a child happy when opening up a package. The function of this swap is really to celebrate childhood and have a fun thing to do this winter.

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Calley said...

Great ideas and things to consider. I think swapping by age would be a good place to start; however if we were to be paired with someone younger we might have ideas that we learned when our kids were that age to share. I think the questionnaire is a great idea to get things started. I really think the main focus of the swap is not about how much you spend on the swap but more about the time and effort that went into the swap...from the kids and parents. I've never done a swap so I'm just throwing my ideas out there. Not only are the items important but the relationships that could be formed with the children and their future friend...I think email and pictures are definately an important part. OK...I'm done ramling for now! Thanks for all your efforts in the planning stage...we're super excited!