Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello Again from Florida

So I've already introduced myself and my family early in the process but I wanted to say Hi again to all the new families. It's been really fun reading about all the families and seeing where everyone is located.

Once Meg and Mag pair us all up I know Bryce and I are really excited to start the swap. I have a challenge for the family that swaps with us...let's try to make our personal swap eco-friendly. Some other families have already mentioned sharing gently used items which is a great way to reuse items. I'm already coming up with some fun projects that I might be able to send to you to make some cool crafts from trash! We all have trash why not let the kids have some fun with it.

Anyways...that's my 2 cents on fun ways to incorporate the environment into the swap. I'll share the rest of my ideas as the swap unfolds and I look forward to seeing what others come up with.

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