Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello from Toronto, Canada!

Hi fellow LPCPS swappers!

I'm Village Mama, mama to jr cookie monster (3.5) and baby girl (1.5), so no, not really a baby anymore and foster parent to Rennet in Zambia.

We live at the upper end of The Beach(es) and the edge of Little India with Village Papa.

This winter we have spent at least half the day molding play doh, blaring music, making forts out of pillows and blankets, baking or cooking from scratch (tonight's pizza night), picking up or dropping off books, videos and dvds to the library, and poking around snowbanks in our neighbourhood.

We strive to tread lightly, so 'ideally' the swap package we send/receive will be filled with not-new, second hand, thrifted, found books, art supplies, accessories, music, t-shirts (we love fun t-shirts) and new-to-us fun stuff.

We are mostly vegan, love rainbows, and we make lots of funny noises (bodily functions not included)!

Can't wait to meet our swap partners.

ps here's a picture of us and a dear friend, I'm the brunette on the right

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