Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sign Ups are closed! The fun Begins!!

Sign ups closed last night. We ended up with 35 participants. And it looks this is going to be a very fun group. We have been able to confirm everyone's email and that our emails are going through. Thank you to those of you who responded yesterday. It helped put our minds at ease! :) We will be talking later tonight or tomorrow and pairing people off. Then hopefully by the end of the week you will all have received your partner's name, email address and some last minute reminders. As always if you have any questions please email us. Most announcements will go here on the blog so that we aren't bombarding your email accounts. We will try to create an announcement category. We are going to go in and clean up the labels and link some posts to labels so you will be able to find everything easily in the side bar. It is the top list on the right. That's the news from Meg and Mag.
(PS. you can put a label on your post in the bottom right hand corner of the post window. Try to stick with labels of Introduction, Progress, Creating, Thank you, Bragging, and Random. This will help all the readers access posts easily.)

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