Friday, March 7, 2008

A little gray today

The weather may be a little too gray for my liking in Stockton, CA this evening, but I know things could be worse. Hello! I'm thrilled to be making new friends and reconnecting with others (hi Michelle and Linda). My son, Isaiah (9/13/2000) and daughter, Britain (7/6/2002) are also excited about participating in this Swap. Isaiah enjoys spending his time playing the piano, drums or any sport activity. Britain has lately been making masterpieces from various art media. Her favorite animals are our guinea pig, dog, cat and chickens (which we gave to my aunt and uncle since our homeowner's association do not allow chickens). They both love doing puzzles, playing board/card games, reading, gardening and taking nature walks. Scott and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on Dec. 14th. Scott was raised in Canada and lives for hockey season . . . he'll be going to a hockey game within the hour. He also likes restoring cars and learning new things. His day job is Administrator of Research, Evaluation and Assessment for Stockton Unified School District but may be switching careers in June which may later take us to China, India and North Korea. Like my kids, I enjoy being outdoors. Right now I spend the majority of my time homeschooling and find myself thankful that both Scott and I have our teaching credentials (there has been such an uproar the last few days . . . homeschooling is supposedily illegal in CA if the parents are not credentialed teachers . . . I better not get started :)).
My children would be thrilled to receive anything in the mail, especially homemade letters or artwork. We really try to distinguish between needs and wants when purchasing items while keeping God and nature in mind. I guess I'm trying to say that fewer gifts can often be more meaningful. I hope this makes sense.
Our backyard trees now have pink and white blossoms and are beginning to grow new leaves. I'm looking forward to spring.

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