Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hi Fellow Swappers!

Wow, this is an excellent idea. My daughter is going to love doing this once I tell her about it. A little about us: there's hubby, me, and Tay and we live in Beaverton, Oregon, then I have a 14 year old daughter who lives in Hawaii with her daddy.

Tay is 5 years old and goes to kindergarten 5 days a week for two and half hours. She absolutely loves school. Hubby is an electrician, and I work for a medical billing company for anesthesiologists.

I started my blog as a way to document my wedding planning but it evolved more into a family blog. I love to scrapbook but since i don't scrapbook as fast as I can type, I'm hoping that my blog will document our lives and make scrapbooking easier when the time comes.

I can be found at: I look forward to this swap and meeting all the moms out there.


MegandMag said...

I have no clue where Beaverton is but your wedding pics on your blog are beautiful. We are glad to have included.-Meg

christel said...

I'm sorry Beaverton is in Oregon and we got married in Hawaii where we're originally from.