Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hint, Hint!

We actually have two partners since there was an odd number of families that signed up, so I feel pretty safe that I am not giving too much away. I could have plenty of fun creating the packages all by myself, but I am trying to involve my son in the process as much as possible. I really like the idea of choosing themes, so I had him pick which ones we would use. I also took him shopping with me to the craft store and second- hand book store, but he didn't enjoy that part too much, and of course wanted one of everything we bought for himself too. He did have fun doing a test run of one of the projects that we are going to send one of our partners the materials to create. I would like to hear how other swappers are involving their children and also hear some of the ideas you have, without giving too much away!

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Mel said...

I'm mailing mine out today, since I'll be gone all of next week on vacation. To keep the mystery and surprise of the gift we sent, It's best to describe it as some thing old, some thing new, some thing recycled, and there's some thing that has blue. Sophie enjoyed making an art piece for her swap partner. We hope she enjoys it!