Saturday, March 15, 2008

A note from Meg....

Hi, just wanted to check in.  Also wanted to start a discussion on here.  I am on spring break as of yesterday afternoon and so you will maybe see a little more of me.  Melissa has been a great coordinator because I fall completely off the radar when I have an exam hit, 3 in the past 2 weeks.

If you haven't checked out the blogs in the sidebar please do.  They are all great.  There are eco friendly focii, craft focii, parenting focii, and such.  It is always fun (from the author's view) to see what people think in response to their posts.  And so feel free to leave a comment saying hi and responding to what they have written.  Usually you can do this at the end of the post.  There will be a little word that says comments and has a number.  Click on that and then the various servers will lead you through leaving a comment.  Some bloggers email back to the people who comment and some will leave a comment response.  And others just enjoy the love.  The only real blogging etiquette here to respect that this is their space.  But, it is public and so you should feel free to comment, support, and if they have asked for discussion or opinions then leave that, too.

Some of you are thinking about starting a blog.  I have blogged off and on for 3 and a half years.  I use a service called typepad.  Typepad, wordpress, and some others charge.  They have a few more features and some extra options for customization.  A great place to start is here on blogger.  If you have been leaving a comment or have posted here then you already have an account.  There a lot of women in this swap who use blogger and can give you a run down of how to set it up and any tips they have.  I have used blogger and it has great features without being overwhelming.  A blog is a fun way to join an online community and share pieces of yourself that you may not get to on a regular basis.  

The best way to increase your readership on your blog is to comment on other people's blogs, email other bloggers, and to post regularly.  Also by hosting a swap you will see more traffic.  A lot of bloggers have what they call a blogroll (we have one on this site.)  A blogroll is where you list and link to other blogs that you read or blogs of people you are friends with.  

As you start to find blogs that you enjoy it is convenient to subscribe to them.  You can create accounts with bloglines and google reader.  There you will set up subscriptions to your favorite blogs.  When you visit you page on these sites you will see all the new posts that have been put on the blogs you subscribe to.  It is sort of like getting a newspaper with all the new stories, instead of visiting each individual site.  I know that a lot of you may have questions, and more of you have great suggestions.  So throw these up here.  And go ahead and blog here related to the swap whether you have blogged for a decade or have never blogged at all!  Have a great weekend.

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