Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hi, we are so glad you are here. If you haven't signed up for the Little People Care Package Swap and would like to (and it is before March 11, 12:01 am) please go to mommiesthinktoo(dot)blogspot(dot)com or graggirl(dot)typepad(dot)com and follow the directions to sign up. We would love to have you.

To all of our swappers: You do not know how happy it makes us to have you. Feel free to introduce yourself on here and post about your progress on making and recieving packages. Or to brag about the new friend's you are making through this. You can upload pictures and link to this blog as much as you want. Please remeber though that the biggest gift we give other moms and dads is kindness and that no matter what happens this is not a place to air problems with the swap. You can email us and we will quickly take care of any problems you may be running into. Also, you are not committed to joining the blog. You can still participate and be anonymous here. Lastly if you have another blog we would like to put up a links bar on the sidebar to send people your way. So, give us the address and your permission and we will do that. Melissa and I (Michelle) are co coordinators for this swap.

We go by Meg and Mag, I think we have been doing this for about a year. Silly things happen like that between good friends and the passage of time. SO we will probably interchangably refer to each other and ourselves with both names. I want to tell you a little about us as friends and we will be on to introduce ourselves as individuals later. We met 4 and a handful of months ago in Stockton, CA. Melissa was bringing me dinner a few days after my first child was born. She brought good food, a set of sleep and play jumpers, a baby toy, and a huge smile, we had never really talked too much before that. Her first babe was 6 mos by this time. Since then we have been great friedns. Our husbands are great friends and our kids are great friends. It is one of those lucky happenstances that you don't see very often. For us life has changed and neither of us now live in CA but our friendship is stronger than ever, unless Melissa isn't telling me something. ;) From relocating and blogging we have both learned how the big the world is, and how many great people are out there. A wonderful swap went on simliar to this that we were too late to join. So after some sadness we thought: Why not organize one for ourselves and others who may want to join. Which is where you all of our new friends come in, that's you. So feel free to post a hello and get to know eachother. Partners will be made later next week and you can be involved as little (remember the 3 minimum requirements) or as much as you want. We are so pleased to have each and every one of you! I was looking for a picture to post of Melissa and I but have none. If she has one maybe she will post it!

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