Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hi from Northern Michigan

I thought I'd jump in and introduce us as well...

I'm Liz, a 37 year-old math and science teacher and mom to Sean, age three, and Katie, who will be two in just a few weeks. We live in a really (and I mean really) small town in Northern Michigan. Right now we are iced in and the only way in or out of town is by snowmobile across the lake or by airplane. We have lots of pets: a dog (Bailey,) a cat (Sushie,) and a few thousand bees (my husband has a hive in the backyard.) Both Sean and Katie have been having lots of fun this winter walking in the woods, sledding, and going for snowmobile rides. Many days it is just too cold to have any fun outside so we try to stay warm and have fun playing indoors. The kids and I are so excited about being a part of this swap and we can't wait to find out who we are paired with!

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MegandMag said...

Hi, love the blog. The cookie hamburgers are so neat! Glad to have you along. Your blog is wonderful.