Thursday, April 3, 2008


I sure hope Ella and Paige didn't feel cheated.  Our package arrived today and we were overwhelmed by the bounty.  It couldn't have arrived on a better day.  Oliver is sick and it is starting to rain!  I don't know if everything made it into the pictures or not.  So I will try to list it here:  Each kiddo got a bag (fabric and great for keeping future stuff) that had sidewalk chalk, a book (train pull out book for Oliver and a new baby book for Lacy), a handpainted treasure box, treasure (shells and fairy jewels)  and then Lacy got pens and Oliver's had some cars!  Then there were two craft kits.  One is in a paint can (so clever) and has lots of supplies, the other is a clothespin doll making kit.  We also got a music cd, a map of all their favorite places to go, and the baby got its' first gift too!  We are so amazed and happy, I can't say.  (Sorry for the naked baby pics, the kids couldn't be bribed to get dressed.  Although I did manage a shirt on Lacy)  Oh we also got paper to draw on (which is great because we ran out this morning!)  and Lacy got a scrapbook to make.

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village mama said...

wow! indeed!!

Hope you continue to have loads of fun - and that its effect helps the sick bugs shoo away!