Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thank You Village Mama and Family!

A great big THANK YOU to Village Mama and kiddo's. Little man got to open his package when he got home from school last night and he was SO excited! He loved the cool Greenpeace stickers on the outside of the package!
*Yelling at Blogger! The pics won't load where I want them to!*
Anyways...thanks for all the goodies. He played with the sea animals all evening. He and daddy read the Sports Illustrated for Kids (how did you know he LOVED sports?). He loved the T-shirts from Canada. He loved the stickers. He loved the crayons and the scissors. He even drew me some pictures last night AND cut them out with the curvey scissors too!
Thanks so much for everything! This was a great experience and little man really enjoyed making new friends. He was looking at their picture all night and even showed me where they live on the map!

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MegandMag said...

That's a great idea to send t-shirts or other souvenirs from where you're from!