Friday, April 4, 2008

for abby and sammy

Melissa asked how to make the felt journals. So easy! I cut the size felt we wanted, cut drawing paper to a slightly smaller size, then staple the drawing paper together and stapled the felt over top. Then I needle-felted yarn onto the cover for the edge and names. I felted some dots and needled them onto the cover. Next time I would do the cover embellishments first, then the stapling, but it was creative process. You know how it goes.

The headband is a strip of knit 2, purl 2, stitched together at the end.

We so enjoyed putting together a beach theme package (and the excuse for a stop at the beach, which is always an easy errand!) for our new friends who live inland but love the surf and sand.

We would love to do another swap anytime.
Thank you for organizing it!
It's always lovely to make time for family creativity.

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village mama said...

Thanks for leaking your secrets BlissBelly - more ideas for our family creativity time bank. XO