Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Palm Harbor FL package arrives in Toronto!

There was such abundance, 'this is from Bryce too' they kept asking...

stern warning from mama...

these maracas are so fun, so green and sound great to boot!

they dug into the books right away ;-)

IMMENSE GRATITUDE, GRACIAS, APPRECIATION to Calley and Bryce for 'music & sunshine' represented in the amazing array of: painted rocks, sand and shells, air plants, a map from your home to ours, Bryce's pipe flower crane painting (signed by him!!), the photo of Bryce (kids love it!), The Toddler's Busy Book, the Dumbo Book About Shapes, the Paw Print Parade, the two wonderfully creative bottle cap maracas made from nature and trash, and most of all for this new friendship.

More to follow here, here and here.

Amazing swap Meg and Mag, thank you for orchestrating it!

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Calley said...

Your welcome! It was so much fun to make everything...it was much harder than if we had gone out and purchased items. It looks like one of the maraca's got injured in the shipping...or was that from playing! LOL! I'll post directions tomorrow on how to make them (not like you can't figure it out!) on Trashy Thursday.