Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thanks to Alec and Jacob!

We are late posting our thank yous, because our package arrived lightning fast, but I wanted to wait a week or so in order to update you on how the girls have been putting their things to use. The theme for the box was outdoors and nature, and it arrived just as Spring came! Perfect timing. It was filled with interesting things like bug catchers, a rain guage, several books, a wind chime, pictures and maps of Montana, a jump rope, a sewing kit, and a compass. It was a great kit, and the kids were thrilled! Kaylynn was fascinated with the jump rope and we've had several talks about it being an outside toy. :) Kristin took her bug catcher to school and hunted worms and beetles. She also took her birding book to school and carries it around like a textbook; it's very cute. I'm sorry, but I forgot to take a picture of everything in the box!

Here they are opening the package. They were ALL SMILES the entire time!

I have to confess that Kristin's interest in the package was purely interest in the packaging for the first day that it arrived. Here she is with the box on her head.

And here she is stomping the bubble wrap. I highly recommend bubble wrap as part of your packaging!

And now, a video of the opening!

See the Opening

(I had to host it on my own site because the file was too big to host here)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the swap. I loved seeing all of your creative ideas. We had a great time! And a special thanks to Angela, Alec and Jacob for helping my girls to have a good first experience with a "pen pal" of sorts.


Liz said...

Webmommy - I would like to ask you some questions about how you included your video. Can you email me? Thanks, Liz
estaats (at)

MegandMag said...

Arent' kids funny? My son will never let me throw bubble wrap away unless every last bubble has been popped.