Monday, April 14, 2008

Better Late than Never -


Okay - I am late in posting this, we had a rough week here but I shall spare you all the gory details. Apologies to Samuel and Cordilia in California - I hope you can forgive my tardiness.

William received a fantastic package - including a book (which we shall read together when we finish the one we are in the middle of now), some cool friction cars, stickers, a wonderful warmer that you put in the microwave - this was hand made and features a delightful little camping motif - I SO want that fabric!!!, blo pens - and then - because apparently Cordilia is so very tuned in to boys and what they love she included an assortment of plastic ties, a piece of material, some string, duct tape - the only limit is William's imagination - so pretty much no limit!

Pictures speak louder than words... look at the joy on this child's face... thank you thank you thank you!!!


village mama said...

he looks delighted, enjoy!

MegandMag said...

I love the idea of the twist ties, duct tape, etc. I could see a boy of almost any age being occupied for hours coming up with different creations.