Wednesday, April 2, 2008

God Bless the Postman!

Our swap package arrived today from Lacy and Oliver (and Michelle, too!)! Thank goodness or the girls might have chased the postman down the street! They were sooo excited to open their goodies and they weren't disappointed either! Paige imediately started carrying around both frogs in her bag and Ella ripped into the craft goodies. At this point I'll have to pry her away to eat dinner tonight. We also received many other wonderful goodies which were all adored. Thanks for the book also Michelle...I have actually had it in my Amazon cart twice, but not

ordered it yet! Ella is already asking what we can mail for the next swap (and whether or not she has to share the craft supplies with her sister! Thanks again...we had so much fun!


village mama said...

what fun bounty! The kids look delighted!!

MegandMag said...

Ummm. I think she has to share...a little...;)