Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ours weren't delivered by horses...

...but they did arrive to great fanfare and happiness by two little girls (and one little boy who didn't have a clue what was involved but was especially thrilled by a blue fabric ball made just for him).

Our Michigan swap partners came through with a package that made us all swoon. There was something for everyone, from the honey from their own hive (!) to beautifully crafted crayon rolls. Those crayons rolls have been in non-stop use ever since. Ingenious flower pens and a bib sewn for the babe. There were craft kits for foam mosiacs, soybean plantings, Borax flower crystals, a marble painting tin (so great!), stickers, books, tons of fantastic postcards and pictures...and, and, and. So lovely and thoughtful. We are a grateful crew to have been matched with such a gem of a family. Many, many thanks to our partners.

There are many more pictures (and much better quality because, boy, is it ever tough to take pictures once kids are let loose...) here

Here is the honey looking yummy on toast:

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village mama said...

love the toast 'n' honey shot!