Thursday, April 3, 2008

From Coast to Coast

The beach came to us via a thoughtful, fun package from the Sheldons in California. Oh, if only you could have heard all the squealing and enthusiastic admiring of the numerous, amazing shells, beach glass, and a whole sand dollar!

We managed to coax one happy face to look up for just a moment as both children were completely captivated by the "hatching" of sea creatures. Many thanks to the kind Sheldon family for sending their sunshine (it was finally a mild day in New England!), natural treasures, and other sea-themed treats!

A glimpse of some of the things that we sent across the country: appliqued bags for each child and keychains made from polymer clay.

From a late winter's walk: a variety of pine cones and needles which we used to impress discs of polymer clay.

We read that the youngest Sheldon likes to play dress-up and hope that these masks will lend themselves to some exciting adventures. Meg and Mag, thank you very much for organizing this swap! We have enjoyed meeting a wonderful family and send our warmest wishes to all of the families in this swap. Happy Spring!


village mama said...

great whale tote!

village mama said...

meant to add, and everything else looks fun-tastic!!