Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Contest- What to put in the stereo!

Hi, I don't count to do one of the drawings since this is Meg (Michelle.) But, wanted to start us off and participate none the less. One cd I have found that I really like and am very OK with my kids listening to is Renee & Jeremy. On their site you can listen to some tracks and I bought our copy on iTunes. Other music we listen to is Folk music, and John Denver. John Denver is all about the nostalgia (Especially the song Country Roads and Grandma's feather bed) for me and the Folk music has some great songs that kids and parents can relate to. Usually our radio is tuned to NPR or the local Alternative music station. But, as the kids get older and sing along we are becoming more sensitive to what we listen to.
Another thing we are trying this trip is reading original fairy tales aloud. We bought a collection of Hans Christian Andersen ones. The local bookseller also recommended this book, called Hello Miss Piggle Wiggle. The tales in this second book are more old Fashioned, not old like Andersen's though.
Lastly we bought some toys that are new to the kids or have been pulled out from a long silence in the basement so they seem new. They include: a flat battery operated light brite, a big magna doodle, lacing beads, little figurines to act out adventures with, and some books. We also found a leapster on ebay that we are going to try. We will be in the car for a total of 85 hours this summer not including rest stops and eating, etc. Luckily, we have a built in DVD player that we use when the fighting gets to be too much. Some of these last things I have mixed feelings on. But, traveling the car that long, I think it is OK to do things that normally are limited or off limits at home. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else suggests. We leave Friday for the first leg of our trip straight to CA, 35 hours!

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