Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hi Swappers,
We received an email yesterday from a mom wondering if both her children should pick a friend to send to their partners two children or if the family should collaborate. This is a really good question. Originally we had pictured each family doing one friend/ scrapbook to send to another family. So we will say that is the minimum that must be done. BUT, this is where you can individualize your swap. If you want to customize the number of friends you take on your adventure with the number of children in your recipient's family then that is allowed. Just make sure you both agree. We have been talking behind the scenes about some of the advantages we see to both ideas and will list those here at the end of this post. Both ways of doing it are great. Secondly, we did receive a request to enter one family's children multiple times. (One partner for each child in the family.) If this was something you would like to see we wanted to explain why we do family groups instead. When reading through how we make pairs you will see that we take the number of children in the family into account. We used family groups in the first round and noticed that moms with more than one child or moms sending to more than one child were very sensitive to each child and including everyone. It worked so well that we kept it the same way this round. The other reason is that if we were to pair every child individually it would mean a lot more work for us, plus a lot more spent in postage for families with more than one child participating. Also the moms would be spread so thin that building cross country relationships would probably not happen as much as it did the first round. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. We are more than happy to take your suggestions and to clarify what runs through our minds.

Benefits to sending multiple friends to a family: Each child gets to express their creativity and interpret the scrapbook how they want. Each child receives a "friend."

Benefits to sending one "friend" from a family to another family: Siblings learn to collaborate and incoorporate their ideas into a cohesive theme that flows. Sharing is encouraged. Less stress and to do on your trip.

Both ways are good and whichever way you choose you now have reasons so you can feel comfortable talking through with your partner what you choose to do. We would love to hear what you decide. Please post in the comments to this post how you are approaching the swap.
Happy Swapping, Meg and Mag

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