Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stubby Pencil Studio

Hi Swapping Friends,
I (Meg) wanted to let you know about a special store our family loves. I actually just bought gifts there this morning for Mag's kids birthdays coming up. It is called Stubby Pencil Studio. Our gift closet has the recycled cards that my kids color to include with presents they give, the crayon rocks and then I buy coloring books like Rosie Flo's and we have a unique gift everytime without buying lots of plastic or risking giving something the child already has! Here are some questions that I asked Kate the owner, who is a mom herself and has twin girls. She started the store so that other moms like her would have a place a buy eco friendly art supplies. She is lots of fun to talk to. So call her up if you want. ;) And if you place an order than please make sure to check the specials page (at the top under the header to the left) because she is always giving away free stuff!
A brief Interview with Kate:

What is your favorite school memory?
New Shoes

How would you describe Stubby Pencil Studio?
Stubby Pencil Studio offers earth friendly alternatives for art and craft supplies like crayons made from soy - not petroleum; stationery, greeting cards, sketchbooks and journals made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper - not virgin trees; pencils made from sustainably harvested wood and recycled newspapers - not dying forests. You'll also find natural play dough, non-toxic wooden toys, do-it-yourself kits, reusable bags, birthday party favors, and many other fun and creative eco products for families.

What essentials do you think every kid needs to do spontaneous art?
First pick - watercolor crayons - they are a water-soluble crayon - meaning they turn your drawing into a watercolor as soon as you touch it with a wet brush. Super fun and immediate results - without much of a mess. We keep a drawer filled with art supplies for our girls - watercolor paper, blank sketchbooks, crayons, pencils, markers, scissors, glue sticks... They'll open the drawer and get creative for hours on end.

Of the products you sell, which is your favorite?
We have a brand new item that I'm super excited about - eco stars. They are star shaped crayons (recycled from 100% old, broken and discarded crayons) They are perfect for little hands and kids just LOVE them.

(Oh and by the way, no kick back, incentive or payment was received for posting this. I just wanted to share a fun back to school resource with you!) Happy Swapping Meg (and Mag)

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