Friday, August 7, 2009

Here's Meg!!!

1) Who are you and where are you from? My name is Michelle (aka Meg)I am a woman becoming a midwife (Right now that means full time 3rd year BSN nursing student) , a mom, and someone who loves to help women transition to being mothers, whether that means cooking a meal, helping them learn to breast-feed, or sitting and listening. I was born in Mississippi, live in Ohio and from California since I lived there for 27 years!

2) Tell me a little about each of your kids.Lacy age 5 is very artistic and I think will love drama. She just finished circus camp and after the performance she said it was the bestest moment of her whole life.Oliver age 3 is into trains, pirates, and ghosts. He loves to tell long complicated stories, usually about ghosts. He is a kick and a handful all in the same breath. He is very sensitive and also loves to do intricate things like play with small plastic animals and build with legos. He does art if his sister is doing it. Ashby- At one it is hard to know who Ashby will be. But she loves to be in the in the thick of things with the older kids and she seems very smart with baby math concepts. She hates water which means all 12 o her baths have been traumatizing to everyone involved.

3) What's your favorite back to school memory? I don't have any memories per se. But, I do remember always being really excited and not being able to sleep the night before.

4) I know you homeschool, will you do anything special to mark the beginning of the school year with your kids?We are officially starting the 18 of this month, I got Lacy a backpack! I think she will be thrilled!

5) Name one thing you like to do with each child.Lacy- I enjoy sitting and doing observational drawing.Oliver- I like go grocery shopping with Oliver. It is sort of our special thing. We get a cookie.Ashby- I like to hold Ashby when she sleeps. But she thinks my favorite thing to do is nurse! Haha!

6) What's an activity you like to do with all 3 kids?We have started going on walks and I love that.

7) Three things you've learned since becoming a mom? 1-That the person who just cut me off may have had a really hard morning with their small children.2-That I am much calmer if I slow down, don't hurry and focus on the moment.3-That children are very forgiving, thank goodness, because I make a lot of mistakes.

8) What do you do for fun?I love to use my camera, read, knit, sew, and I especially enjoy doing research, any kind (academic, internet for personal research, whatever!)

9) HOw long have you been married and what's the best thing about your husband?I have been married for 9 years!!!! I think the the thing I most enjoy about my husband is that he likes to play games with me and is a good sport! I think the best thing about him is that he is loyal and dedicated to doing his job well, whether it is as an employee, a dad, or a husband. (In spite of all this we still find time to have the normal marriage "loud conversations!!!")

10) One thing you would like people to know about you? Hmmmm.... I think secretly I wish that people knew that I am very lonely in Ohio and also very smart, not stuck up or judgmental like I come across when I am insecure, so don't tell anyone all you blog readers! But, I will just write on here that I am trying to learn how to RUN!!! I can go 20 minutes right now!!! Really slowly, it's not the distance that matters!

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