Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two weeks to go

Hi everyone. Oregon is finally starting to feel like summer. It's been getting hotter and we've had a few thunder storms.

With summer comes vacations, camping trips, softball games, and this year pool parties. We have camping trips in the making but no definite plans, we're in the middle of the softball season, and I'm hoping to plan a pool party for Tay and her little friends. We are, however, leaving in two weeks on vacation back to our little home in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

We're all excited, especially Tay. She will be bringing her travel buddy with her. But we do have a dilemma. Tay can't decide which buddy to take with her. I thought we already had her travel buddy picked out. It was no doubt going to be "Ballerina" but a recent trip to Build A Bear has made it complicated. She is now the proud owner of "Serafina". As you can see, I included a picture of them. I didn't want to ruin the surprise for our swap partner so I just took a picture of their footsies.

It's a hard decision because both buddies are an important part of Tay's life. I already told Tay that only one friend can come with us to Hawaii but I have a funny feeling that she'll try to sneak one in her bag. Oh well...

How's everyone coming along with their swaps?

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MegandMag said...

Decisions, decisions...:) My family has already taken our main trip for the summer, but I think we are going to show our buddies around our home town too before we send them on their way.