Saturday, July 26, 2008

Travel pal spotted at the beach.

Remember in an earlier post my daughter couldn't decide on which traveling pal to take with her to Hawaii. Well, at the last minute, she decided that she wanted to take the little puppy that her big sister gave her.

Meet Lihi. She came in a little purple purse with pearl handles and the word "Royalty" embroidered on the little bag.

Here is Lihi at the airport waiting for our flight. We flew on Hawaiian Airlines, the best way to fly to Hawaii.

Lihi had the chance to visit everyone in Hawaii.
But she especially loved going to the beach. We spent the day with family at the local beach. We BBQ'd chicken, steak, sausage. The boys went fishing, crabbing, or diving. It was a fun day.

This was one of the many days spent at the beach. Tay had a blast with all of her cousins.

Hope everyone is having as much fun as we did.

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