Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you Cordelia and Samuel

This past summer Tay and I participated in the Little People on the Road Swap hosted by Meg and Mag. Our partners for this swap was Cordelia and Samuel. They are from California but if I'm not mistaken they now live in Spain. It was a fun swap. Tay and I enjoyed putting ours together but she especially enjoyed receiving her treats.

Her package consisted of a photo album with Samuel's summer adventures with his traveling buddy, Owlie, a box of Granola, a Flower Press kit, some Bento items that Cordelia got from one of her favorite stores in Berkeley, and Tay's favorite, a sketch book and color pencils.
Here's Tay with Owlie. At first she was having a hard time saying "Owlie" so she gave it another name which I can't remember what it was right this moment, but eventually calling it "Owlie" again because that was his first name. She carried him around for days.
The photo album that chronicled Samuel's and "Owlie's" adventures. Samuel went to a Science camp, they took a trip to Canada, and spent a good part of the summer with his Grandmom in Berkeley, CA. All before he and Cordelia left for Spain to live for a year.
Tay loves to draw. Imagine her excitement when she saw this in her swap package. She has dubbed this her "special" sketch pad and color pencils. No one but her is allowed to use it, although she has drawn a good many pictures for the refrigerator.

Thank you Cordelia and Samuel for the wonderful gifts. I hope you are both enjoying Spain.

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