Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank You ...This is Why Kid Swaps are the Best!

Thank you to The Mom, The Dancer & The Robot They were our partners for this swap. We had a great time taking Adventure Bunny around on our summer travels. We were a little sad to see her go but when our new softie friend arrived yesterday my daughter was excited!

This is the moment she saw her new friend!

The first hug!

After reading about Daffodil's summer adventures and her love of ice tea my daughter insisted we give her some ice tea. She was excited to feed Daffodil Love Bunny carrots and ice tea. She was even more excited that she got to sit in the middle of our table for the picture.
Thank you Karah and kids for our new bunny friend!


MegandMag said...

Love the great pics--you really captured the moment Jill.

The mom, the robot, and the dancer said...

We LOVED the package. It was incredible, and bunny is still an prized little treasure around here!
Aaargh, matey!

jillytacy said...

It's been a fun swap! Thanks to the organizers and to our partners!